My session with Ammahnda was incredible for me. I'm still drinking a lot of it in... especially the apology/ammends from my father. Thank you, it's hard to find the words to express what I received.  Ammahnda is a very gifted healer… a woman who works in the subtle realms with great skill. She carries extraordinary gifts with humility and elegance. What unfolded in my session with her had a profoundly healing impact on many dimensions of my being in a lasting way. I recommend her work without reservation. 

~ Shayla Wright - Somatic Coaching, Soul Mentoring, Group Facilitation

Ammahnda's depth of connection, sensitivity, grounded-ness, and compassion yielded a beautiful, surprising flow of information and guidance throughout her session. Anyone looking for course corrections or support in their life is in good hands with her.

Ammahnda, your session with me was precious and deeply valuable. What an extraordinary gift you have. Thank you.

~ Mark Montgomery MA - Licensed Acupuncturist

Ammahnda's class has really given me tools that help me access "above my crown", and has significantly loosened up my capacity to access things that seemed inaccessible. 

~ Robert Buxbaum 

Ammahnda's presence, realness, and gentleness quickly create a trusted and sacred space in group courses and private sessions. She opens the door, seemingly effortlessly, to realms of the deep heart, intuition and insight, and unseen connections. I feel her compassion, care, and respect for my divine inner being, as well as my vulnerable human being. Through private sessions with Ammahnda, and in the group spaces she holds, I experience insight, healing, clarification, and other movements toward greater love and wholeness. I recommend Ammahnda wholeheartedly.

~ Sylvia Woods

My experience with Ammahnda fed my curiosity and relaxed me into the process of listening to what came through her. The pace of the session was taken over by ascended wisdom and included information, words, and periods of silence. I found Ammahnda very generous and humble in the way she offers her gift. During the session, we were both in a process of learning, opening and receiving. The space of mutuality was what made the session so memorable to me.

Reading with Ammahnda was the first of the kind I did in my life. I contacted Ammahnda after listening to two of my close friends who were elated about their experience with her. Curious as I am, a session with Ammahnda both surprised me and brought me to a place of expanded possibilities. It surprised me because I did not have any particular questions, and yet the information that came through was amazingly pertinent, not about the past but about the future that I'm living now. Expanded possibilities came from a message of implicitly trusting the process of life – it might sound as a cliche until one applies it in the moments of uncertainty. So, thanks to this session… I practice leaning back, relaxing and trusting flow of life more than ever before.

~ Maya Bobrowska BSc - Coach + Mentor

Ammahnda Sia and I were together for two years in Thomas Hübl’s Timeless Wisdom Training. My reading with Ammahnda validated and opened up places in me that were ready to be seen, and where delicately unveiled by her presence. I have been honored to travel this path of divine love and grace with this being of light. I highly recommend the experience of a session with Ammahnda. A true beauty. Thank you for visiting her website and feeling the field from which she emerges.

~ Ginny Nadler - CEO at Core Body Wisdom LLC

My teenage daughter has Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism. Although she is very verbal and animated she can not share the emotional content of her inner life. To say the least, this was very frustrating for both of us! In many ways she is a normal teenager, going through hormonal changes and rebelling to establish her own individuality. Yet, in the face of her anger, I found myself very concerned and frightened as to her behavior.  Ammahnda was able to connect with my daughter and relay very specific information regarding her perspective, desires and wishes. I am so much more relaxed and at peace! Thank you Ammahnda

~ Maria T.

My session with Ammahnda was a priceless gift. I needed guidance on my life's direction, and the information she accessed removed a major block that I had been struggling with for six years. It was not easy, and I was very vulnerable, but because of her calm, affirming manner, I could stay present to what I needed to hear and feel. She went without hesitation into the questions I had, enabling more and more clarity to emerge. I was astonished at the perspective she was able to bring to parts of my family’s history and how this has impacted my self-image and ability to move in life. She was sensitive and caring and gave me all the support I needed to complete the conversation in a positive and empowering way. I recommend her without hesitation.

~ Molly Morgan 

Ammahnda's course exceeded my expectations! I could  not  decide what I liked the best, because I felt as if every piece of it had a well-thought out purpose. I loved the combination of learning and experiencing the transmissions and downloads. 


The class was  brilliantly put together and you are an amazing teacher with so much wisdom and creativity. I also think it was very helpful and generous of you to provide on-going personal feedback when we shared our experiences and questions. I am just very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you, Ammahnda.

~ Leah Rubba-Lazarus M.Ed LCSW

Ammahnda’s courses are rich in understandings taken from many perspectives: geological, cultural, anthropological and spiritual. Weaving together these perspectives along with her channeling makes any course a journey in and of itself. The participant will learn and participate in a heightened field of intelligence sure to support one’s awakening.

~ Mary Hostetter BA

If you want to be truly seen, profoundly understood and fully supported, Ammahnda is the mentor for you. She has unique depth born out of her intuitive gifts as well as her deep commitment to her own spiritual path. She offers her wisdom with grace, spaciousness, simplicity, and love.

~ Igal Hamelin Moria - Spiritual Director + Meditation Teacher

My reading with Ammahnda:

Powerful, illuminating, unusual, and life-expanding are words I would use to describe my reading with Ammahnda.  Her insights into unique realms of my past, have proven to be simultaneously healing and helpful as I move forward in my life. My reading with Ammahnda was unlike any experience I’ve ever had.  I highly recommend her work.  Be prepared to be delighted and surprised.

~ Pele Rouge

Having a reading? I was always suspicious until I had the reading with my long term triad partner and dear friend Ammahnda Sia. It healed my relation with my grandfather by taking me/us to understand/feel/sense the stream of evolution we are both in. though, it did not cure the actual bruises of felt abuse,  it did connect me to him in a way that I perceive as opening and healing.

~ Frank Behrens

Ammahnda's readings are unique. I received both a powerful transmission and spacious, warm, sweet healing energy. I was able to connect with a spirit guide that has been with me, while I work with people, in a more tangible way. I am now able to call upon him by name and recognize his energy and support. I also received valuable information from my father who passed over 20 years ago and could also feel his presence. Ammahnda's field was so open and connected that she made the spirit world more accessible to my experience. I am deeply grateful. I highly recommend her for sessions and mentoring.

~ Karen Gold-Sherman OTR - Somatic Psychotherapist 

To say I was totally blown away in my session today would be an understatement. I barely have words to thank you and can only encourage others to treat themselves to your amazing skill and presence. Specifically, I want to let you know what happened after our session yesterday. I was clearly in an altered state. Sometime around 5:30pm I went to bed, I didn't exactly dream, but I do remember that there was one helluva lot of brain activity. In fact, at one point, it was as if all the language, the sentences that are usually complete in themselves, got scrambled. I could almost see and watch as the words separated and floated away. When I woke I slowly walked around reorienting myself. I felt like... I can do this! Honestly, it's as if I'd gone through a major portal.

~ Margaret Babcock

There is nothing like time with Ammahnda. Indeed, it is a life changing experience. Time with Ammahnda is meaningful, poignant, and a pleasure! Her insights are impeccable, and she communicates them with grace. Ammahnda provides expansiveness to your world with deep authenticity. She hears you, and truly serves Goodness itself. To say your life will be enhanced is an extraordinary understatement. I offer my highest recommendation.      

~ Batya Friedland Buddhist | Jewish Rabbi

I wanted to share one piece of my story that happened quite recently. Just a few weeks ago, I was working with a very gifted healer, a woman who works in the subtle realms with great skill. At one point my father showed up. This has happened several times before and I recognized him immediately. He offered me an apology that day, a real, true, deep apology for everything, and especially for his suicide. He took total responsibility and I could feel this, energetically, so clearly. He also apologized for the (epigenetic) impact he left on my daughter, which is obviously huge.

I felt something rip open inside me and the truth of my father's suicide landed in me, I think for the very first time. I was completely stunned. I realized, as you said, that up until that moment, a huge part of me had made it into a story that somehow wasn't quite mine. That's what we do with trauma, and I've come to respect and appreciate how much loving intelligence there is in our efforts to avoid, displace, and marginalize the whole experience.

~ S.W.

Ammahnda’s Spiritual Guidance is an amazing gift. A gift of grace that radiates as her entire being. From working with Ammahnda her insights have given me a deeper understanding of the importance of the path I have chosen. With this understanding comes a new freedom that walks with me. In gratitude for the gift of Ammahnda's presence in my life….

~ Suzanne Lacey

My experience with Ammahnda, during her session with me, was that she has been graced with the gift of clear inner vision. This includes the ability to contact other dimensional realities. She was able to see my gifts and had insights about how to manifest them more in the world. She also had messages for me from deceased family members and she brought to my awareness the presence of specific spiritual guides and how to access them for higher spiritual wisdom. I felt uplifted after our session and do highly recommend others, as guided, to arrange a session with her.

~ Marisa Clark

​​The sense and feeling I have during and after our sessions is of being touched by The Divine as The Beloved. - It is a grace that you bring to the calls. I feel immersed in love, dropping deeper into the heart as we explore the vertical realms. 

~ Vera. Angleico

I have had several readings in my life with others, and most were interesting, but her session with me was stellar. Actually, way more than stellar. It was crisp and clear and accurate and may I say practical.  The ancestral lineage piece was especially helpful because of the hookup that I knew was there, but that I had revealed to only a few. It was like she introduced me to a colleague and yet at the same time, you know, someone who was familiar, family. She is worth the time, worth the money, and worth the wait. 

~ Denny Thompson DC - Chiropractor 

Working with Ammahnda has been such an incredible gift! I have always felt comfortable being honest with Ammahnda because she is filled with such integrity, light, and compassion. She works with spirit in such a beautiful way and she gives clear and accurate advice. Our sessions have provided me with the important tools that I needed to help in my growth and transformation. Ammahnda is such a gifted and talented healer and I am so grateful that I found her. If you are looking for answers and results I highly recommend that you work with Ammahnda!

~ Deb, Santa Fe, NM

In working with Ammahnda I feel a real sense of peace and caring. Her skill with the intuitive stuff amazes me. Previous to meeting Ammahnda my belief in direct connection with Spirit was small... I found myself mostly just wondering if this stuff is real. I have now experienced Spirit first hand and have a genuine desire to cultivate these abilities in myself. She's a great teacher of very special things. There is nothing airy-fairy about this woman and teacher. She gives spiritual, life guidance, and training that is totally grounded in reality.

~ Thomas Abbott, CNMT - Neuromuscular Therapist

I want to thank you Ammahnda for the life-changing healing-reading! The transformative information and energy that opened between us is still active and is working it's magic in me. I discovered Ammahnda’s gift of subtle perception to be quite accurate and to the essence of what was most needing to be revealed. Your ability to accurately name what was only in the periphery of my awareness provided immense clarity from which I can now move more confidently into inspired action.

~ Georgette Star MA, D.Min

Thank you so much for the amazing reading last night. I feel very grounded today but in a very soft way as well. Great Grandpa's arrival was certainly unexpected but such a beautiful gift. I really do feel restoration to my paternal ancestors. I feel he must have loved my dad a great deal to reach out like that.

Big hugs of appreciation!

~ Josephine Chanin

It was time for me to move into a deepening of my interests psychically. I had been doing readings for my friends and family and knew the time was right for my next stages. I did not want to learn another form of doing readings--- I wanted to develop myself spiritually and intuitively. My sessions with Ammahnda have been exactly what I was looking for. Her techniques for deepening intuitive capacities are specific and powerful. Personal sessions with her are invaluable. 

~ Jennifer Stamos 

Ammahnda and I met on a Magdalene pilgrimage in France. Since that time, we have also taken pilgrimages in my community and even around my own home. While she is an intrepid world explorer, Ammahnda has the capacity to find the sacred wherever she happens to be... in the backyard of an outsider artist... on city streets.... in nature... or in those famous sacred places that we all want to see. In both places and people she looks below the surface to see the essence of what is there, and treats it with gentle curiosity and respect.

~ Margaret Henderson - Director, Public Intersection Project

The gentle guidance and presence of Ammahnda brought me deeply into my sense of purpose and understanding my patterns. I was able to feel into my entanglements and see how those processes were unraveling, which brought me a sense of acceptance.

~ Claudia Sherwood - Coach + Mentor

I've known Ammahnda Sia for several years now, and my experience with her has been consistently inspiring. Her integrity and profoundly sensitive intuition are matched by an exquisite ability to put into words what she perceives and knows. With Ammahnda, shifts happen in ways that span all the needs of the moment; I remain grateful for the benefits I've received, and I remain inspired. Thank you, Ammahnda.

~ Jenna Woods

I LOVED my session today! Ammahnda definitely has a gift.

As she connected with me I felt seen, known, and at times moved. Some messages "came through" that, even though unexpected, felt right on. She even gave some hints about where my life was headed. I look forward to my next session when the time feels right.

~ Anne Stokes Hochberg

I just received such a precious gift from Ammahnda. I am relishing in it and am overflowing with gratitude. Thank you so much for this precious gift. You are quite extraordinary! I am really grateful and in such appreciation of you. Yes!

~ Johanna Rabin

Ammahnda took me to places I never knew existed and preformed healing work that has affected generations. 

You can’t put a price on this. 

I am forever grateful.

~ Brian Weinberg - Conscious Capitalist

A reading with Ammahnda is a warm, nurturing gift, offered with generosity, grace, curiosity and kindness.  Insights from my session come back to me again and again as dancing lights along my path.  It is precious to have the opportunity to participate in Ammahnda's embrace of her talents and I am honored to support her movement into her role as a guide and mentor.

~ Jolene Fletcher

I have been in a group Ammahnda has hosted the last 6 months as well as in a course on the Divine Feminine. I have felt her compassion and experienced her wisdom and deep acceptance in the group for whatever arose. Her guided meditations and messages from the many aspects of the Divine Feminine have impacted me deeply and empowered my moving forward. I am very grateful for Ammahnda’s gift and sensitivity.


~ Eileen Cahoon

Amazing session with Ammahnda! She brought to light many things.

The information was both accurate and helpful. Things were revealed that had not been spoken about in the family and I see how that energy has moved through each generation. Knowing this helped connect some dots. I am still working with some of the pieces that she set before me.

~ Suzanne Shelton - Registered Massage Therapist

Ammahnda brings a level of connection and compassion that I have never felt with anyone before. Her insights, soothing style, and her deep knowledge of practice are profound. Her gift to others is precious. Thank you, Ammahnda for seeing me, listening, and sharing your wisdom.-- 

Belinda Johnson Bernhard - Executive Career Consultant