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Age of The Maitreya!


Today, The Maitreya is a relatively unknown aspect of Buddhism however, 2500 years ago the original Buddha, Gautama Buddha, predicted the coming of The Maitreya in these modern turbulent times.  The Maitreya is now emerging as a presence. She manifests in the form of Light... transmitting Light Codes to us, called The Maitreya Codes. These codes are her invitation to activate your future, opening a deeper understanding of your gifts, your purpose, your capacity to love, and your relationship with the Divine. This is your invitation to join the rapidly forming collective consciousness.

“The world will be saved by the Western Woman" 

~ His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama 

Unique in Tibetan Buddhist iconography, The Maitreya is depicted as sitting on a chair as westerners do. This pose is interpreted to mean that The Maitreya will manifest in the west. An even more controversial belief is that, (in keeping with the Dalai Lama’s prediction), The Maitreya will manifest in feminine form. 


I am so excited to offer this course to you. I look forward to sharing The Maitreya's field of love and information for your personal, and our collective, futures. 

The Maitreya + The Divine Heart and Mind

This Course is for You, if You Wish To:  

  • Explore your intimate relationship with the Divine

  • Deepen your understanding and experience of your own unique gifts in the world

  • Open to your potential, the unseen future that is encoded in our Lightbody

  • Experience the Mystical through the opening of interdimensional gates 

  • Participate in a co-created emergent field through the use of ritual, sound, and free-writing 

  • Activate your personal and collective future through the transmission of The Maitreya

In this Course You Will:

  • Learn about the history and modern implications of this powerful Being, The Maitreya 

  • Discover new aspects of your innate gifts, your consciousness, and your future 

  • Receive multiple personal transmissions from The Maitreya as I channel this powerful manifestation prophesied for our times 

  • Open to codes from the higher realms through sound and chant 

  • Understand esoteric terms such as: ‘transmission’, ‘Light codes’, ‘structures of the Lightbody’, “morphogenic fields”, etc. 

  • Participate in personal and group ritual by creating an altar 

  • Receive writing prompts accompanied by music to open the intelligence of your deeper psyche

The Themes of the Six Teaching Sessions:

  1. ​Pre-Birth - Our Primordial Lineage

  2. Physical Realm - Embodiment and Touch: Letting Life In

  3. Emotional Realm - What feelings are you leaving out of your conversations with Divine? 

  4. Mental Realm - Vulnerability & Thoughts: Being the Grit in the Oyster

  5. Spiritual Realm - A Larger Universe: Identifying Ourselves in Multiple Dimensions

  6. Ascension - Moving towards Presence and Love

Requirements for Course Participation:

  • A foundation in meditation 

  • A desire to experience and interact with subtle frequencies of Divine Light

  • A genuine desire to be on your awakened path; knowing that the process of awakening entails as much bliss as it does heartache and has as many beautiful vistas as it does bumps in the road

  • This course is not for those who suffer from any untreated psychological issues

  • The classes contain material and transmissions that will alter one’s consciousness, and an invitation to be calm and still for a minimum of two hours after each session

Course Details:


  • Saturdays - October 24 + 31, November 7, 14, 21 + December 5 

  • 90 minutes - starting at 10:00am.pacific/11:00am.mountain/1:00pm.eastern/6:00pm CE

Sharing and Q+A Sessions: 

  • Wednesdays - October 28, November 4, 11, 18, 25 + December 2 

  • 60 minutes - starting at 10:00am.pacific/11:00am.mountain/1:00pm.eastern/6:00pm CET

  • Recordings of the sessions will be made available within 24 hours 

  • US Daylight Savings Time in the US starts November 1, if outside the US, please check your local area for accurate start times 

  • The US Thanksgiving weekend includes Saturday, November 28th. We will not have class on that date, but we will gather at the above time for a 1/2 hour gratitude guided meditation  

  • The Divine Feminine gatherings I offer on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month will not occur during the duration of this course. Please join the course instead!


  • Zoom video conferencing. The Zoom application is free and can be downloaded at


 Twelve sessions for $33.33 per session, a total of $400

It is my desire that anyone deeply called to this work not be denied access for financial reasons. If you are deeply called, please make an offer that is within your financial capability and your offer will be given serious consideration.

Testimonials About Ammahnda's Courses:

The world is now in need of the Maitreya codes and we can gather and help bring them in and anchor them. The course will educate us on the codes and their importance, we will create ritual with our altars, and have a chance to share how the codes are showing up in our lives.


~ Salley Anderson

I trusted Ammahnda's Source, I recognized her gift, very clear and heart felt...

~ Pat Malcom

Ammahnda's presence, realness, and gentleness quickly create a trusted and sacred space in group courses and private sessions. She opens the door, seemingly effortlessly, to realms of the deep heart, intuition and insight, and unseen connections. I feel her compassion, care, and respect for my divine inner being, as well as my vulnerable human being. Through private sessions with Ammahnda, and in the group spaces she holds, I experience insight, healing, clarification, and other movements toward greater love and wholeness. I recommend Ammahnda wholeheartedly.

~ Sylvia Woods

I first connected with Ammahnda’s work through her courses Intuitive Paths 1, 2 and Sacred Portals. I find it challenging at best to describe my experiences with words. When I sit in her courses I go to such a sweet place that words are not part of the experience and my body connects long before the mind can interpret the sensations and insights. 

That being said I will try to express in words what Ammahnda’s courses are like! 

Ammahnda's thorough approach to her courses touches all of one’s senses while allowing them to connect to their own story. This was transformative for me. I have deepened my connection to my own truth.

Her comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter provided clarity and awareness that anchored my spiritual insights. My wish to strengthen my intuitive skills has been greatly supported through Ammahnda’s courses, keen insights, and wisdom. It has been a pleasure and joy to learn from Ammahnda. 

~ Heather Vaughn

I have been working with Ammahnda for individual sessions. Her online course has added a new dimension to my life. It was as if I was living in a 2 dimensional world and now the world has become 3 dimensional. The clarity she brings to such a complex subject as consciousness is exquisite. She is able to combine the experiential and the theoretical component of this issue in a seamless manner. Ammahnda has deeply impacted not only my life but also of those around me. I see the results in my family from the ancestral work we have done. Ammahnda is a rare find. Her finely tuned gifts are those of a true healer.


~ Vera Angelico

Ammahnda’s "The Intuitive's Path" course is a rich and comprehensive system that teaches people a set of valuable skills that upgrade one’s ability to navigate the complexity of our present lives. Wishing I learned this as a child! I am thrilled about this opportunity to study with Ammahnda and allow this apprenticeship to permeate my being into a new way of relating with the world. Ammahnda is known for precision and grace in facilitating transformational processes. I enjoy learning and practicing new tools with this gifted teacher.


~ Dr. Vitalina Rosenfeld 

Ammahnda’s courses are rich in understandings taken from many perspectives: geological, cultural, anthropological and spiritual. Weaving together these perspectives along with her channeling makes any course a journey in and of itself. The participant will learn and participate in a heightened field of intelligence sure to support one’s awakening.

~ Mary Hostetter

Ammahnda's classes have really given me tools that help me access "above my crown", and has significantly loosened up my capacity to access things that seemed inaccessible. 


~ Robert Buxbaum

I have participated in the Divine Feminine gatherings led by Ammahnda for several months. Each session has brought me a deep, and compelling experience. Ammahnda has remarkable abilities to navigate the historic, geographic as well as the more expected spiritual aspects of the various divine feminine entities introduced to us during these sessions.

Her high degree of intuitiveness, relatability and caring are a constant presence.

I am grateful for her providing these ongoing experiences that have been of great benefit to me. Each session feels like a journey to a place that while on the one had is unknown, feels familiar and revealing to me.

~ Mary

I've known Ammahnda Sia for several years now, and my experience with her has been consistently inspiring. Her integrity and profoundly sensitive intuition are matched by an exquisite ability to put into words what she perceives and knows. With Ammahnda, shifts happen in ways that span all the needs of the moment; I remain grateful for the benefits I've received, and I remain inspired. Thank you, Ammahnda.

~ Jenna Woods

Being with Ammahnda during the Divine Feminine gatherings is preciously resourcing for me during a very intense time with a very ill daughter.

I find the way Ammahnda shares visuals about the Divine Feminine calling to you to be very enlightening. It is a beautiful prelude to her natural way of channeling, which is a deeply healing experience for me. An experience that ongoingly draws me in deeper, towards ever more subtle layers of my own Being.

Thank you so much for that Ammahnda. 

With Gratitude and Love

~ Marielle de Natris

Since I met Ammahnda I feel deeply connected to her and appreciate her gift and work as a Healer and Seer. 

The readings I received were always an eyeopener on my path. They were sincerely and deeply touching to me in my core.

Within the readings her channeling capacity happened as well, and very naturally.

I have attended the Divine Feminine gatherings, where Ammahnda invited every time a different Goddess or Deity, not knowing how things would emerge!!  A strong feminine power was always presenced by the group. 

Ammahnda has always offered these evenings for free, that's her generosity and service to the world.

~ Jacoba Willeboordse

I have been in a group Ammahnda has hosted the last 6 months as well as in a course on the Divine Feminine. I have felt her compassion and experienced her wisdom and deep acceptance in the group for whatever arose. Her guided meditations and messages from the many aspects of the Divine Feminine have impacted me deeply and empowered my moving forward. I am very grateful for Ammahnda’s gift and sensitivity.


~ Eileen Cahoon

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