Ammahnda Sia

Hello and welcome!


It's been a long journey finding and actualizing my purpose as a Psychological Intuitive. 


You may ask, What is a Psychological Intuitive? 


Beginning in the last century with the work of the psychic Edgar Casey and the recent surge of interest by work of the Medical Medium, Anthony William, Medical Intuitives have become part of our alternative health care paradigm.

Psychological IntuitiveTM

A Medical Intuitive is not a doctor, and as a Psychological Intuitive I am not a psychotherapist.


My gifts arise from my deep capacity to see in the subtle realm - patterns, connections, histories, and futures of my clients. 




My journey into this calling has been a pilgrimage…  with all the qualities of a spiritual initiation. 


Looking back there were many times when I could have turned around, found safer shores, and less arduous terrain. 


Now, I know I am truly blessed to be able to do the work I do. 


In my heart I am a gypsy, and as such I am grateful for my life with a man who settles my turbulent wanderings. 


I reside in Boulder Colorado, at the foothills of the stunning Rocky Mountains. Life here is quite a change from all my years in New York City, in Manhattan’s Upper West Side and my world as a clothing designer in Mid-town’s Garment Center. 


You can hear a bit more about my transition from designer to intuitive in the video clip on this page. 


It is an incredible privilege to be able to do this deep and meaningful work with like minded people… people who are aware of and interested in their multidimensional natures. I am blessed by their depth, integrity, authenticity, humor, pathos, and love of the Divine Heart and Mind. 


If this is our first connection I look forward to meeting you, too!